Plastic recycling terms

Linear low density polyethylene

Low density polyethylene

Higher density polyethylene

Plastic extrusion
Process by which the plastic material is melted, compressed, degassed and homogenized.

Plastic granulation
Reduction of granules. We buy cast extrusions (purge) and customized granulation services. Our equipment can granulate a wide variety of plastic parts of various shapes and weights according to customer specifications.

Plastic densification
Increasing the density of various plastic materials.

Post commercial material
In addition, in order to expand our offered services, Enviroplast Inc. will adapt its expertise to post commercial materials.

Industrial material
If there is useful end of life products or products generated by industrial processes, we have all the equipment necessary to process the materials properly.

Post-consumption material
Products that contain a certain percentage of plastic that were recycled after use. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is the cleanest plastic used to make post-consumption plastic as it recycles easily due to its density and thickness.